Hi, I'm John.
John Reinhardt
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: (718) 926-6140
Office: (718) 907-1103
John Reinhardt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fillmore Real Estate, New York Citys largest privately owned and operated real estate company. John provides the strategic leadership that has seen the company grow from a mom and pop company to a nationally respected professional firm that delivers exceptional real estate services to our consumer. Brooklyn, NY is one of the hottest real estate markets in the world, and Fillmore has the privilege of being born and raised in this great area. John is nationally respected in the real estate industry and is often a featured speaker at International real estate conventions. Under John's leadership, Fillmore has raised the bar for real estate technology to enhance the real estate experience for buyers, sellers and agents alike. The consumer enjoys a wonderful search experience on Fillmore.com and the agents can better communicate and track buyers needs and habits in the back end with AgentDashboard. John also manages the companys marketing, advertising and public relations efforts. A proponent of a synchronized, multi-level communications approach, he works to ensure that Fillmore Real Estate remains front-of-face with consumer and trade audiences through targeted campaigns. John has spent his entire professional career at Fillmore, beginning as a sales person in 1982. I sold my first house in Marine Park for $45,000, he remembers. Soon after, he became an assistant manager at Fillmores Sheepshead Bay headquarters, where he eventually ascended to manager. In 1988, John founded Fillmores in-house advertising firm that allowed the company to become one of the first real estate firms in Brooklyn to advertise consistently in community newspapers. He also started Open House days and weekends that were an innovation when they were introduced in the borough in the 1980s. John is a staunch supporter of continuing education. Training is essential in todays real estate market, he says. The industry changes almost daily, and if you dont keep up, youre out. For example, to help brokers build their listings during the ongoing inventory draught, John created the Fillmore Idol based on the popular television show. Agents tested their pitching and sales skills and the entire program, featuring contestants and judges, was taped. The video is being used as a training tool. It was fun and the brokers learned a lot in anon-traditional, no-pressure environment, he says. Many of them have already incorporated what theyve learned into their daily practices and are benefiting from their enhanced knowledge. John is also a regularguest speaker at forums throughout New York. His most recent engagement was at the Brooklyn Home Expo where he discussed Emerging Markets and Brooklyns Hottest Neighborhoods. John is most proud of Fillmore Real Estates family environment that encourages the company to play a caring, nurturing role within the communities where it operates. The organization regularly contributes to a variety of local charities, including the New York Branch of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. A graduate of St. Johns University, where he was the student body president, John resides in The Rockaway's at Belle Harbor, NY.
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